What Is ABA

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific, problem-solving approach designed to produce socially significant outcomes. In other words, Behavior Analysts aim to improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities using the science of behavior change. The application of ABA is not limited to individuals with Autism, however, over 60 years of research supports its effectiveness in meeting the complex needs of this population.

What is Early Intervention

Early intervention is a system of coordinated services that promotes the child the child’s age-appropriate growth and development and supports families during the critical early years. Early intervention services to eligible children and families are federally mandated through the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). Early intervention services are again designed to enhance a child’s development during the first few years of life 0-2 year 11 months. It is also intended to support families and caregivers in developing competence and confidence to help their child learn and grow to their full potential.

Our Services

  • Intensive Behavioral Intervention Services for individuals with Autism and/or Special Needs

  • Psychological Diagnostic Evaluation (PDEs)

  • Personalized and customized behavioral programs designed to meet the specific needs of the individual

  • Conducting ABA workshops/seminars for parent, caregiver, teacher/aide training

  • Direct services and/or training sessions are available in English, Spanish, Tagalog, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Mandarin.

  • Direct services are provided in natural settings including: home, school and community locations

  • Counseling services for parents of children with ASD and special needs

  • Conducting Functional Behavioral Assessments

  • One-on-one and consulting services

  • Customized Behavioral Support Plans for individuals in group homes and/or foster care facilities

  • Implementing scientifically proven Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques and strategies (Discrete Trial Training, Pivotal Response Training, and Verbal Behavior)

  • Training programs also available for companies and organizations who work with individuals with Autism/Special needs

  • Professional, skilled supervisors and therapists (with DOJ and FBI clearances)

  • We are now an authorized provider of Type II continuing education by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc .®

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Amazing Families

What Clients Say

“I am truly grateful for this program and the amazing people in it. My son has made a drastic improvement. I can’t thank you guys enough.”

Valerie S.

“My son is a completely different child since BAT started with him. Thank you for all the continued hard work. We appreciate you very much!”

Christine G.

“My therapist is awesome with my son. Because of her, my son is more independent and self-reliable. The lead therapist is very informative and has helped my son a great deal. She is very compassionate towards my son, as well as my family. I want to say thank you for being there for my little guy.”

Miriam B.

“B.A.T. has been a blessing! Not only do they provide ABA therapy, but they give us a much deeper understanding of Autism.”

Silvia L.

“I would be honored to tell everyone how amazing this organization is and how much I love the techniques applied to my children. My family has grown so much in just months. Thank you so much!

Roberta G.

“I am just over the moon happy with my therapist. She is not only knowledgeable and excellent at interacting with and redirecting the kids but she also helps me understand my sons better than I ever have before and she helps me understand how I need to interact with them in order to help them be the best people they can be. I don’t always understand their way of thinking so that really takes a ton of stress off of me knowing she happily answers any and every question I might have. I have met over a dozen ABA therapists through the public school system and she literally is up on the top of my list right under his Amazing Autism Kinder teacher 🙂 I am so thankful for everything.”

Nakita L.

“I am extremely pleased with my B.A.T. therapist and lead therapist. They have been wonderful with my son and very supportive. We love your team and am so grateful for your support!”

Megan M.

“You guys are amazing! This is not just a job but they really do care about my son. I wish more mom’s knew about this program. It would change your kid’s life and give them hope like it has mine.”

Krista G.

“Our family has been blessed by having an amazing therapist! We couldn’t ask for anyone better!”

Danielle P.

“It’s been a pleasure to see the progress our son has made in the time since his therapy commenced. He has improved both behavior and communication, which translates to a better home and school environment. Thank you!”

Daniela C.J.

“We are very satisfied with the services we are receiving from B.A.T. Our therapist is very positive and supportive. She is extremely patient and sweet in her work with our son. I feel he is in very good hands. I appreciate the wonderful help she provides our family. Thank you!”

Susan J.

“We love our therapist. She is amazing with our son! Our lead therapist is good on information and trying to get our son resources with his aggression.”

Wendy H.
*The testimonials above were solicited from previous families of B.A.T.
Behavioral Autism Therapies BBB Business Review

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