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Behavioral Autism Therapies, LLC (B.A.T.) is an intensive behavioral intervention provider serving individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and special needs. It was founded on the premise of enhancing the quality of life of individuals with Autism/Special needs and their families.

We are a service provider for the Inland Regional Center and San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center. Behavioral Autism has served 2,256 families so far. 

We are a Certified Non-Public Agency (NPA) registered with the Department of Education,
contracted with various school districts in Southern California

In 2023, Behavioral Autism Therapies graduated 30 individuals from ABA services. What exactly does is mean to graduate from ABA services?

Graduating from ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) services typically refers to the successful completion or discontinuation of a person's involvement in ABA therapy.

When someone "graduates" from ABA services, it means that they have achieved their therapy goals, and their behavioral and developmental progress has reached a point where continued intensive ABA therapy may no longer be necessary. The decision to graduate from ABA services is typically made collaboratively by the individual receiving therapy, their family, and the ABA professionals involved.

The criteria for graduating from ABA services may vary based on individual needs, goals, and progress. It often involves assessing the individual's ability to function independently, adapt to various environments, and demonstrate appropriate social and behavioral skills. Graduation from ABA services is a positive milestone, indicating that the individual has made significant strides in their development and is better equipped to navigate everyday life.


From solo classroom sessions to thriving in group settings, this individual's journey has been incredible. She's built up her focus, enjoyed outings like gym and shakey's, and last Friday, she attended prom! Interacting with peers, family, and capturing beautiful moments—We're so proud of you!  #ProudMoment #Inspiration #Prom2024

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Mission Statement


Behavioral Autism Therapies, LLC (B.A.T.) provides support to families of individuals with Autism and special needs, through the implementation of Applied Behavior Analysis techniques and strategies. We provide customized behavioral programs for their individual challenges, enabling them to enhance their quality of life.

Our agency focuses on teamwork, and require 100% parent participation in our program.

Our vision is to be one of the most respected companies in this industry, not only for the services we provide for these families, but most importantly, for the difference that we make in their lives.

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